Meet Tarryn

about nurture adhd

Hi, I’m Tarryn…

Occupational Therapist, Mom and Founder of Nurture ADHD…

Welcome to this little corner of the internet, dedicated to parents and kids with ADHD, helping them unleash their super powers and shine with ADHD…

Just like you, we’ve been on a journey with ADHD and had many ups and downs.

How it All Started

I have worked with children as an Occupational Therapist for over 10 years. The biggest part of my job was helping children cope with the demands and overwhelm of the classroom environment. 

And then I became a mom… The scariest and most fulfilling adventure…

Two years ago, my daughter, Gracie, was diagnosed with ADHD (inattentive)…

Gracie is bright, creative and quirky. And she was struggling so much with the little things – getting ready for school in the morning, getting her homework done and staying on top of her school work.


The Beauty of Rhythms

I am not particularly organised myself – I’m forever losing sun glasses or car keys and can’t keep on top of my own systems.

So the thought of needing to be more structured for Gracie’s sake was so overwhelming…

But, using my OT skills and background, as well as my experience of being a Mom, Gracie and I worked together to come up with routines and systems that work for the both of us.

And Gracie is thriving! 

Sure, we still have ups and downs and it’s not all sunshines and roses. 

But, with the right systems and rhythms in place, mornings are smoother and Gracie’s capacity to manage herself has grown in leaps and bounds.

And now I am so passionate about helping other kids, just like Gracie, to thrive.

ADHD can be a super power, if we can find ways to allow our kids to shine.