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Some Questions and Answers

What is the Quiet the Chaos Program?

Quiet the Chaos is a comprehensive program designed to help parents and children with ADHD establish effective routines, enhance focus, and cultivate a more harmonious family environment. It combines practical strategies, community support, and expert guidance to manage ADHD symptoms constructively.

How long does the program take to complete?

The core program is structured to be completed at your own pace, with many parents seeing significant improvements within the first few weeks of consistent application of the strategies provided.

What if I’m not sure my child has ADHD?

The strategies in Quiet the Chaos are beneficial for any child who struggles with focus, impulsivity, or disruptive behavior. While it’s tailored for ADHD, the program can help any family seeking to create a more structured and peaceful home life.

Does this program replace professional medical advice?

No, Quiet the Chaos is a supplemental resource designed to support, not replace, the advice of medical professionals. Always consult with a healthcare provider for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Is there a community or support group included?

Yes, enrollment in the program includes access to an exclusive online community where you can share experiences, seek advice, and gain support from other parents navigating similar challenges.

Are there any additional resources provided with the program?

The program includes various resources, such as sensory and movement break cards, family activity checklists, and tailored routine guides to enhance the learning and application of the strategies.

What if the program doesn’t work for my family?

We stand by the effectiveness of our program with a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t see positive changes within a specified period, we offer a refund or additional support to ensure you find value in the program.

Can I access the program content on my mobile device?

Yes, the program is designed to be accessible across all devices, allowing you to learn and implement strategies from anywhere at any time.

When will the course be available?

The program will kick off on 1st February 2024, with videos and sessions becoming available then.